Automobile Engineering Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, and More

A polytechnic degree or diploma in auto mechanics is an education that is geared towards a professional job as an auto mechanic. This is a three-year degree program focused on the automotive industry. Candidates taking this course will learn basic skills and knowledge related to motor vehicles.

Students may take this course after completing class 10. Class. Applicants are exploring options for other vehicles. During the three-year course, from installation to production, the most important aspects are learned. It’s all about equipment and using the right equipment for maintenance.

The aspirants are well trained and understand basic details ranging from working in different fields to cars. This will help them find a job in an emerging field such as the automotive industry. Students who want to work in this sector can go directly to the second year of this course.

Eligibility criteria

Your eligibility depends on the institution you choose. You should choose a reputable institution to have the best investment opportunities. Candidates must meet the following criteria…

  • Candidates who are 12 years old. Sciences and Mathematics or any other equivalent examination from a recognized board or institution may be admitted.
  • Candidates who have obtained 60% of their marks in the 12th class can apply for this course.
  • The candidates also have the 10. The class passed with the lowest percentage.
  • Reserved categories are subject to an easing rate, which, along with reservations, helps lower rates.

If you meet all these requirements, you can get admission in the best educational institutions in India. In addition to these requirements, there are aspects such as entrance exams that one must pass in order to enroll.

Receiving operation

In most cases, the admission process was based on merit or entrance exams. In order to be admitted to the automotive engineering program, candidates must pass the entrance exam. Some reputed colleges or institutes have organized entrance exams.

The selection procedure consists of testing the basic knowledge, reasoning ability and skills of the candidates. Across the country, applicants register for and receive courses directly from the university’s admissions office. Some states like Rajasthan, Tamil Naidu and Haryana have centralized the application process online.

Here are some of the entrance exams listed….

  • National entrance exam
  • State Exam
  • Online/centralized advice
  • Entrance exams for private universities
  • Direct reception

After these exams and the whole procedure, you will be enrolled in an educational institution. These are all possible methods you can choose from.

Entrance exams for the Matura in automotive technology

Candidates who want to study at a dream university first take an entrance exam. Below is a list of entrance exams by state…..

  • APJEE-Arunachal Pradesh Joint Entrance Examination
  • Assam PAT-Assam Polytechnic Registration
  • Reception of DTE Rajasthan Polytechnic
  • POLISHET – General Entrance Test for Andhra Pradesh Polytechnic
  • UBETER JEEP – Uttarakhand Polytechnic Entrance Examination
  • MBTE-Maharashtra State Board of Technical Entry
  • Haryana Diploma Entrance Test
  • CG PPT – Chhattisgarh 2020 Pre-Polytechnic Test
  • SPESS – Uttar Pradesh Joint Board of Entrance Examinations
  • JKBOPEE Polytechnic – Jammu & Kashmir Polytechnic Diploma Entrance Test
  • Delhi CET – Delhi Polytechnic Common Entrance Examination
  • Jharkhand PECE- Jharkhand Polytechnic Entrance Competitive Entrance
  • DET- Odisha Diploma Entrance Test
  • Punjab PET joint entrance test
  • DCET-Karnataka Diploma General Entrance Test

Here are some of the approved and recognized entrance exams that you can consider for the automotive engineering course. If you pass any of these entrance exams, you will be easily admitted to a recognized institute.

Main facilities

In India, there are several excellent automotive institutes across the country that you can choose from. It is advisable to contact one of the following institutions. Let’s see…

  • Integral University, Lucknow
  • Rai University, Ahmedabad
  • Excellent professional college, Chandigarh.
  • GLA College, Matura
  • Integral University, Lucknow

All of these universities have lower admission requirements, but they do have their own entrance exams that you must pass in order to be enrolled. Costs may vary depending on the institution you choose.

Benefits of vehicle technology

Candidates who wish to be involved in the design and manufacture of vehicles and are familiar with vehicle components can take this course. Over the past few decades, several development areas have emerged in the world. This profession is the most demanding part for mechanical engineers.

This course offers a variety of transportation opportunities in the private and public sectors. The global development of vehicles and transportation includes the study of vehicle design. In this course, participants learn to manage high levels of compliance and implement new strategies in the automotive industry.

Upon completion of the training, candidates who are well versed in the various parts of the vehicle and well trained in design will receive excellent job offers.

syllabus and course description

The duration of the automotive engineering course is divided into 6 semesters, as is the case for all three-year engineering courses.

Semester 1 –

  • Applied Physics I
  • Applied Mathematics I
  • Applied Chemistry I
  • The fundamentals of information technology
  • Laboratories
  • English language and communication skills
  • Technical drawing I
  • Seminars

2 semesters.

  • Applied Physics II
  • Applied mathematics II
  • Applied Chemistry II
  • Technical drawing II
  • Seminars
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Laboratories

Semester 3 –

  • Auto-engineering drawing
  • Applied mechanics
  • Thermal and hydraulic engineering
  • Automotive materials
  • Electrical engineering and electronics
  • Laboratories
  • Seminars

Fourth semester.

  • CAD in the automotive industry
  • Car engine
  • Material thickness
  • Workshop technique
  • Bodywork and transmission
  • Seminars

Semester 5 –

  • Vehicle engine II
  • Automatic electrical and electronic equipment
  • Automatic repair maintenance
  • The basics of construction
  • Management Basics
  • Projects

Semester 6.

  • Management and control of transport
  • Automatic repair service II
  • Selected Items
  • General and entrepreneurial skills
  • Tractor and heavy equipment
  • Projects

These are the six semesters you will study in this course. When you choose a school, you will find that very few have a different approach to education. So make sure you go to a reputable institution to get the best experience possible.

Receiving operation

As you can see, this course is very popular and the selection criteria are slightly lower and easy to fulfill. This thing is causing excitement among the students in aisle 10. You will notice that most students who choose this region are in the second grade. But if you want to work at a reputable institution, the selection criteria are different.

Most institutions accept admission on the basis of merit. All applicants must meet the minimum qualification criteria, which depends on the student’s performance. However, some well-known and popular institutions hold entrance exams to test the skills and knowledge of the candidates.

The exam is held in class 10 subjects and it is easier to get admission in automotive engineering after this course. All first-year students seeking a degree may consider applying to an automotive technology university and completing an application. This completes the registration process.

The admissions process may differ from that of some local agencies affiliated with another agency. The only problem with these types of institutions is that it can be typical to find a job with reputable companies, which will not consider the degree because it is not from an accredited institution.

Career opportunities

After earning an automotive engineering degree, candidates have a wide range of career options available to them. Some of the above career opportunities on our list offer an excellent salary package and have a higher placement rate. Once you graduate, consider these career options -.

  • Car mechanic – In this profession, you work on the mechanical parts of a vehicle. Your job will be to maintain, repair and diagnose. This profession is one of the guarantees and allows you to work in many prestigious companies.
  • Quality Engineer – Checking the quality of the work, ensuring the quality of parts, durability and other similar activities are part of your criteria.
  • Automotive Technician – Your job is to solve all kinds of technical problems related to cars. You will perform this diagnostic work, from installing new parts to replacing them.
  • Engineer-in-Training – The selection of a training institute for the training of new candidates is part of this work. You’ll be doing some of the most important things, like teaching your students, talking to them about the car, how the parts work, etc.
  • Design Engineer – Working on the design of new parts, testing their effectiveness, efficiency and usability is covered by this position. You do this work with excellent pay and little work.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Technician – This position involves maintaining vehicle engines and ensuring high performance. In this position you will work as an engineer and have your own team.
  • Manufacturing Engineer – Automotive parts manufacturing, quality testing, diagnostics and more are part of this job. There will be some kind of advanced technology that you will use in this job.

Here are some of the popular career options you can consider after earning a degree in automotive engineering.

Final assessment

When you have gone through all the aspects, it is safe to say that you have used all the important aspects of this course. After completing this course, many professional opportunities are available to you. Make sure you choose a recognized institution to avoid additional problems.

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