How To Become An Archaeologist In India

Archaeology is the study of the ancient human past through material remains. It is a subdiscipline of anthropology that deals with the study of human cultures. The experts are called archaeologists.

Archaeology is one of the most popular courses that people choose for a brilliant career.

Who are the archaeologists?

Archaeologists are specialists who study the remains of past civilizations and human groups. They are the ones who study the objects left behind by the ancients, such as their bones, tools, clothing, houses, etc.

These archaeologists collect various evidence of the human past in different places, observe and study the results. If you want to become an archaeologist, you must have a thorough knowledge of geography and history.

What is the work of archaeologists?

An archaeologist is a professional who excavates and examines fossils and remains to better understand past civilizations. These social scientists find and preserve artifacts such as ancient ruins and are also responsible for the existing artifacts that everyone has today. These experts use the results of their research to interpret and explain past human behavior and to better understand the evolution of living organisms.

As an archaeologist, the following work is required, including.

  • Geodetic survey of the site or use of satellites to locate archaeological sites.
  • They conduct superficial reconnaissance to study a particular area.
  • They evaluate the significance of the site and prepare a report for submission to the State Historic Preservation Office.
  • They plan and carry out research projects that must provide answers to questions about human behaviour.
  • They should also record the data and records of what is found on each search site.
  • They must draw different conclusions about culture and patterns of behavior, as well as different aspects of the human being.
  • They present the results and findings to a group of organizations and individuals.

What are the selection criteria for becoming an archaeologist?

To become an archaeologist in India, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have obtained at least 50% in class XII in one of the recognized examination classes.
  • You must have a degree in history, ancient history or archaeology.
  • A minimum score of 50% in the undergraduate program is required for the Master of Archaeology. At some universities, students of all disciplines can also study archaeology.

Some universities have entrance examinations for archaeology master’s programmes. Students must pass the placement test to secure a place at university.

Skills and research required to work as an archaeologist in India

To become an archaeologist in India, experts recommend choosing humanities in classes XI and XII. Subjects such as sociology, anthropology, history, etc. form a solid basis for a career in archaeology.

A bachelor’s degree in history or geology, anthropology and archaeology and a master’s degree in history and archaeology are required to qualify and work as an archaeologist.

A PhD offers better opportunities and a good salary. It opens up more opportunities for research and at a high level at the Archaeological Survey of India.

Students who have not chosen the humanities in the past, but who still want to pursue a career in archaeology, can choose the humanities as their major.

Before applying, you should check the admission requirements and curriculum of the various colleges.

Archaeologists have a keen interest in their heritage and history, in preserving a root, and a thirst to discover something new. On the other hand, the ability to discover, a keen sense of observation, an eye for precise details and a good dose of patience are some of the qualities that a person must possess if they intend to become an archaeologist in India.

Universities offering courses in archaeology

In India, a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in archaeology are required to work as an archaeologist. To work as a scientist at a university, a doctorate is required.

Here are some of the institutions that offer degrees in archaeology.

  • Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam
  • Barkatullah Vishwa Vidyalaya is located in Bhopal.
  • Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda
  • Banaras Hindu University of Varanasi
  • Below is a list of the most important institutions that offer master’s degrees in archaeology:
  • Delhi Institute of Heritage Studies and Management
  • Kerala State University, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Bangalore University in Bangalore
  • Institute of Archaeology, New Delhi

Courses offered at these universities range from museology and archaeology to heritage management and ancient studies.

Areas of archaeological work in India

India is one of the places where the best planned and most colossal ancient cities and historical monuments are engraved on the map. There are great dynasties like the Sultans, the Mauryas and even the Mughals.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is responsible for the protection and restoration of these historic works. He is also responsible for all archaeological work in India.

The Archaeological Survey of India has several departments, including,

  • Overview of the temples
  • Museums
  • Underwater archaeology
  • Context
  • Excavations and other

A large number of scientists, epigraphers, archaeologists and curators are involved. Organizations such as the National Museum, private and public museums, the Indian Council of Historical Research, and others continue to recruit talented new archaeologists.

How to become an archaeologist in India?

There are a few important steps you can take to become a practicing archaeologist:

  1. Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Participation in practical work or apprenticeships
  3. Obtaining a Master’s degree
  4. PhD
  5. Find a job
  6. Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree

This is the first step for all candidates who want to become archaeologists. You must have a degree in anthropology or a related field such as geography, history. Many archaeology programs offer students hands-on experience in the laboratory and in the field.

  1. Participation in practical work or apprenticeships

Many aspiring archaeologists participate in an internship program during or after their studies. The internship gives them field experience, which is important for most archaeological work.

Archaeological internships are often government agencies, museums and archaeological organizations.

  1. Obtaining a Master’s degree

For an entry-level job in archaeology, only a bachelor’s degree is required, but for a high-level job as an archaeologist, a master’s degree is required. The MSc programme enables students to develop their technical skills, which are important for work as archaeologists, and to choose the area of archaeology on which they wish to concentrate.

Some of the general masters offered for this work include a program in archaeology and anthropology.

  1. PhD

If you want to become a lecturer in archaeology at one of the universities or lead high-level projects in archaeology departments, you must have a doctorate in archaeology or a related field. For a PhD, two to three years and several months of field research are sufficient to complete a dissertation.

  1. Find a job

Depending on the type of archaeologist you want to be and where you want to work, you can start looking for a job after you have received your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. You can get a job as an archaeologist if you are suitable and have experience. It can help you get better career opportunities.

Entry-level jobs for archaeologists include research assistants, excavation technicians, and archaeology lab technicians.

Professional archaeologist

Archaeology has completely captured the minds of those around us. Understanding history, for example B. where we come from, how the world has changed, and these things almost all appeal to us.

It is possible to submit an application for various archaeological work:

  • You can take the position of Assistant Chief Archaeologist.
  • As a teacher of archaeology.
  • Restoration work in the museum
  • Excavation and site protection and more

Salary scale and salary of an archaeologist in India

In fact, anyone looking to build a solid career in any field takes into account the pay scale or salary of a particular job. Well, for an archaeologist in India, the sky is the limit, depending on his skills and determination.

As an entry-level professional in India, you can expect a salary of around 3 to 4 million Euros per year.

Highly qualified and experienced professionals can count on a salary of 6 to 9 million euros per year.

An archaeologist’s salary depends on his or her field of work, education, sector of activity, experience, level of expertise and other important factors. A PhD is also required for a successful career and a good salary in this sector.


Archaeology as a profession is perfect for anyone who feels the satisfaction of discovering an element of culture and history that has long been lost. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to work miracles in this business.

frequently asked questions

What is the monthly salary of an archaeologist in India?


Where can I study archaeology in India?

Humanities, social sciences, colleges,…

How to find a job after 12 years. Does the class study archaeology?

Archaeology, among other subjects, is a Bachelor of Science program taught at various universities and colleges in India. A student must be enrolled after the age of 12. Students can already be admitted to the master’s programme in the second year of study. Institutions which offer archaeology courses may be public or self-financing.

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