5 Lesser-Known Tricks to Reduce Essay Writing Stress

Do you see endless homework written in your worst nightmares? Do you want to spend as little time as possible reviewing final drafts before sending them to teachers? Whether you’re a student or a professional writer, these five tools will help you overcome your writing problems and turn your work into a masterpiece.

#1 Grammar

Grammar Tool is a versatile grammar checker. It scans everything you write and displays correction suggestions based on a complex algorithm. You can check your text in three ways: on the Grammarly website, through a browser plug-in, and with the MS Word and Outlook add-ins. That’s enough to meet all your typing needs, no matter where you prefer to type. And you get everything for free! With the exception of grammar, the application shows cases where the user has used certain words in the wrong context. These include various catch modifiers, puns, potentially confusing words, etc.

With Grammarly, you can be sure that your university essay is free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. While the free version has limited functionality, it is more than enough to help you put the finishing touches on your writing and fix any mistakes.

Overall, grammar is the most popular choice today when it comes to reviewing English grammar, spelling and punctuation.

#2 Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a handy tool for any type of writing. The service scans the pasted text and reports problems affecting your text. Hemingway App can identify awkwardnesses such as long, closely spaced sentences, overly complex words, weak adverbs and qualifiers, and passive voice. If you want to make your emails shine, this application is indispensable. Systematic use of the editor will allow you to write better without making such mistakes.

You might think that such a service would have at least one limitation, and you would be wrong. Hemingway Editor is completely free, in both web and desktop versions.

#3 Gradmen

If you want someone to write your article from scratch, you should contact Grademiners. They don’t offer jobs to everyone – the company only recruits the most qualified writers and publishers from a variety of backgrounds, from English to literature to business management.

You can write any papers you need, from simple essays or term papers to complex and cumbersome dissertations or research papers. Simply put, there’s nothing they can’t handle. At Grademiners, you can be sure that your assignment is 100% unique and written to your personal specifications by aprofessional. And all this with a contemporary finish! Every day they distribute over 150 copies of topical papers to students around the world. And to date, they have already served 55,000 customers, 95% of whom have left positive comments.

#4 Thesaurus

Having trouble finding a word or synonym to add to your content?
If it’s you, Thesaurus is a good option. The author just needs to type the word into the search box. The program determines all possible synonyms and the definitions of the target words.
It is a useful tool for students; many use it to paraphrase to avoid plagiarism.

#5 Cite4me

Have you ever had problems with the academic format? Any essay or research paper should be properly cited so that you can get the best out of it. In addition, the teacher can significantly reduce the grade if a particular reference is not made in the text.

A service called Cite4me helps you avoid problems with formatting and plagiarism. The student must enter the information about the selected source into this tool and specify the desired writing style (from MLA and APA to Harvard and even IEEE). You will then receive an automatically generated link that you can include in your work.

Advice Bonus

Use the StayFocusd browser extension to get inspired without wasting valuable time on endless research. Let this add-on give you the best ideas for your writing in seconds!

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