5 Brilliant Photo Editing Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Did you know that in 2021, 1.4 trillion photos were expected to be captured globally? This number might be astounding to some, but to others who are prone to take a photo at the drop of a hat, it might not be so surprising.

Digital cameras and smartphones have made it so easy to take a photo because you can always delete it later if you don’t like it. If you have lots of photos in your phone’s photo album that you wish to print out, you will want to read our article on photo editing tips below.

1. Crop Your Images

If you took your picture in a hurry, or if your fingers slipped by chance, you might end up with a great picture but not centered right. Even if you had enough time to take the picture, there might be other people standing around in the background that you wish to crop out. That’s why you should always start editing a photo by cropping it.

2. Adjust the White Balance

If your image has an overall color tone that doesn’t sit right with you, then it’s easy enough to use an online photo editing tool to adjust it. You can also pick from preset modes on your phone or camera if you don’t know exactly what color tone you want. Experiment with different presets to choose the one that you like best.

3. Adjust Color Vibrancy and Saturation

Once you set the white balance, you can also adjust the color vibrancy and saturation levels on your photo editing app. Increasing color vibrancy will increase the color intensity in neutral tones (keeping the brighter colors the same). And increasing the saturation will make all colors in the frame more intense.

4. Remove the Background

Sometimes you just want to focus on one particular item in the picture, like the person, the pet, or the tree. If that’s the case, you can remove background from an image so you can focus entirely on that aspect of the picture that you like best. It’s easy enough to do with a good photo editing app.

5. Sharpen the Image

If your picture has certain refined details, like dust on the surface of a car, or paint details on a wall, you can use the sharpen image function to make those details stand out even more. This can make a huge difference for an image that you plan to enlarge and print out.

The Best Photo Editing Tips Keep Things Simple

When editing a photo, you will want to keep things simple. The simpler you keep things, the more likely you are to use those tips to make your photos better.

Also, remember that you won’t be perfect at editing photos from the get-go. Practice makes perfect, so keep on trying.

If you are ready to make your photos even better, keep browsing the articles on our website and learn more photo editing tips and tricks.

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