A Deadly Education a Novel

A high school student is murdered, and the story follows a group of students as they investigate the crime. The writing is sharp and suspenseful, with a mystery that will keep readers guessing until the very last page.

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A Deadly Education: Introduction

A Deadly Education is a 2020 young adult fantasy novel by Naomi Novik. It is set at the Scholomance, a school for young wizards inHungary.

The book has received positive reviews from customers on Amazon.com, with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

A Deadly Education: Plot

In Naomi Novik’s thrilling new novel, schools of Sorcery are haunt to deadly secrets and hidden perils.


‘A Deadly Education is an addictively readable blend of fantasy, horror, and school story — one that had me reaching compulsively for just one more page long into the night’

– Ann Leckie, New York Times bestselling author of Ancillary Justice and Provenance

‘Gripping, action-packed and impossible to put down’

– Charlie N. Holmberg, USA Today bestselling author of The Paper Magician series

Customern Kindle book item 4.7 out of 5 stars (2,3 thousand global ratings)

A Deadly Education is set at Scholomance, a school for young students who possess magical ability. Scholomance is a dangerous place, where deadly creatures and dark magic threaten the lives of its students. Naomi Novik’s novel follows the story of two students, Simon and Elsie, as they attempt to survive their education and uncover the secrets of Scholomance.

A Deadly Education: Characters

In A Deadly Education, Naomi Novik crafts a wickedly delightful coming-of-age novel set in a dangerous wizarding school, where students learn thefine arts of monster hunting and spellcasting.

The Scholomance is hidden underneath the city, in caves and tunnels beneath the streets. Itufffds a school for young wizards and witches, where they learn to hunt monsters and cast spells. But itufffds also a dangerous place, where students are constantly in danger of being eaten by the monsters theyufffdre supposed to be hunting.

The book follows the story of Elsie, a student at the Scholomance, as she navigates her way through the dangers of the school. Along the way, she meets a cast of colorful characters, including her roommate Naomi, who is determined to be the first witch to graduate from the school; Luke, a handsome warlock who may or may not be trying to kill her; and Professor Thande, who may or may not be a vampire.

A Deadly Education is an enjoyable read for both young adults and adults alike. The characters are well-developed and likable, and the plot is fast-paced and full of twists and turns. If youufffdre looking for a fun, entertaining read that will keep you on your toes, look no further than A Deadly Education.

A Deadly Education: Themes

There are many themes in A Deadly Education, by Naomi Novik. These themes include: education, deadly consequences, power, and magic.

Education is a major theme in the novel. The Scholomance is a school for young witches and wizards. However, it is also a dangerous place full of deadly creatures. The students must learn how to defend themselves against these creatures. They must also learn how to use their powers safely.

Consequences are another major theme in the novel. The students at the Scholomance face many dangers. If they make one wrong move, they could be killed. They must be very careful about everything they do.

Power is also a major theme in the novel. The students at the Scholomance have great power. They can use their powers to do good or to do evil. It is up to them to decide how to use their powers.

Magic is another major theme in the novel. Magic is a dangerous thing. It can be used for good or for evil. The students at the Scholomance must learn how to control their magic and how to use it safely.

A Deadly Education: Setting

Naomi Novikufffds A Deadly Education is set at Scholomance, a school for young these things are magical creatures who are being prepared to take their rightful place in society. But the school is not what it seems, and the students are in for more than they bargained for.

The book has received positive reviews from customers on Amazon, with many people calling it a ufffdmust-readufffd.

A Deadly Education: Style

Novikufffds style is deceptively simple. She writes in clear, unadorned prose that is easy to read and effortlessly engaging. But make no mistake, this is a carefully crafted style that is well-suited to the story she is telling. The result is a fast-paced, page-turning novel that is difficult to put down.

Critics have compared Novikufffds debut novel to J.K. Rowlingufffds Harry Potter series, and it is easy to see why. Both stories feature young protagonists who are thrust into a dangerous and exciting world that they never knew existed. Both books are also filled with fascinating characters, suspenseful plot twists, and enough adventure to keep readers coming back for more.

Like Rowling, Novik has created a fully realized world that is rich in detail and brimming with possibilities. Her descriptions of the Scholomance ufffd a school for young witches and wizards ufffd are particularly evocative, and she does an excellent job of conveying the sense of wonder and danger that comes with attending such a place.

If you are looking for an enchanting read that will leave you eager for more, A Deadly Education is definitely the book for you.

A Deadly Education: Critical Reception

Critical reception for A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik has been positive, with reviewers praising the novel’s uniquere take on magic and schooling. On Amazon, the Kindle edition of the book has a customer rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, based on over 2,000 reviews. One reviewer called it “a book that completely upends your expectations.”

The School Library Journal gave the book a star, saying “NOVIK beautifully weaves together an unforgettable magical education, deadly foes, and true friendship.”

Publishers Weekly also gave the book a star, writing “NOVIK continues to dazzle with this alternate history of magic and dangerous monsters.”

A Deadly Education: Connections to Other Works

A Deadly Education is a novel by Naomi Novik. It is the first book in the Scholomance Academy series.

The book has received positive reviews from customers on Amazon.com, with an average rating of 4.5 stars. reviewers have praised the world-building, characters, and plot.

Some reviewers have compared A Deadly Education to other works, such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Others have noted that the book’s themes of education and self-discovery are reminiscent of Novik’s previous work, Uprooted.

A Deadly Education: Significance

Naomi Novik’s A Deadly Education is a fantasy novel set in a school for young sorcerers. The book has received positive reviews from customers on Amazon, with many fans praising the author’s originality and creativity.

The book follows the story of Elsie, a young student at the Scholomance, a school where deadly creatures are used to teach students how to control their magic. As Elsie and her classmates navigate the dangers of the school, they must also face their own personal demons.

A Deadly Education is the first book in Novik’s planned trilogy about the Scholomance and its students.

A Deadly Education: Further Reading

If you enjoyed A Deadly Education, you might be interested in some of the other books by Naomi Novik. Below are a few of her titles, along with links to reviews and where you can purchase them.


-Spinning Silver

-Temeraire (9-book series)

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You can also check out the customer reviews on Amazon or Goodreads to get further opinions on Novik’s work.

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