How to Add Hollywood Effects to Your Video

Want to upgrade your video from basic to pro? That Hollywood standard kind of video is easier to achieve than you can imagine. There is a variety of software specially designed for post-production editing purposes. Are you looking to edit your video but on a low budget? You can use a video maker online to edit videos with free templates and effects and even better some are available for free. Here’s how to add these movie effects to your video easy using the free video maker:

Natural Transitions Using a Free Video Maker

A complete video, be it a 2 hour long Hollywood movie or a 2-minute long demo, is composed of several single shots. Thus, use transitions to create flow from one clip to another. A free video maker has multiple transition styles at your disposal that you can add without affecting the duration of the two or more clips you’re combining. Does this sound like a challenge?.

Easily click and pick the transition you prefer to use and drag it to where you want it. Moreover, there are various modes from which you can pick from such as overlap, Prefix, or postfix to help you better decide when and where you would like the transition to play. Choose the duration for your transition. You do not want this to be too long. Also Read – 5 Best Video Editing Tools For Students And Teachers

Filter and Color

Create a stunning and layered video using these filters: If you are going for antique film videos, for example, you can pick the black and white filter. Thus, to get that stunning color-saturated 90-style videos, pick the VHS filter. To spark that spooky Halloween feeling, the glitch effect is a great fit. Moreover, colors tend to matter as well. For instance, most movies tend to have warm colors for romance and cold tones for horror.

All this and more, work to make your video twice as interesting and make it stand out. Thus, it’s as simple as scrolling and clicking on the different presets, keep checking the preview until you find the best fit.

Green Screen Effect

Did you know that you do not have to go to Paris to have the Eiffel tower as your Background or that fantasy place you want to shoot that Hollywood kind of video? The free video maker is the creative toolkit that helps you achieve this in the comfort of your room. Therefore, with just your camera, a green or blue screen, and the software, you can get that effect you wish for.

First, set up your studio using a big piece of solid green or blue cloth or paper as a background when recording. In addition, a plain green blue wall can work as well. Record your action. Using the green screen effect or Chroma key on your editing software, select a new background for your video, and voila! You have your perfect scene. Fine-tune it to perfection.

Set up your studio using a big solid green screen

Video Speed Effects

Adjust the playback speed on your video to either lengthen or shorten your video’s duration. Moreover, use this to create slo-mo or fast-forward effects to draw attention to crucial moments in your video or to speed through the longer sections. Thus, reverse video playback is great for creating both comical and futuristic-looking sequences.

Add Subtitles

Capture your audiences’ full attention by adding subtitles and captions with which they can follow up. With the free video maker, you can do this manually or with an SRT subtitle file.

Therefore, choose a font of best fit, adjust the size and align the text well. Pick a color and background that will be visible in black and white. Change the video to the desired format like AVI, MOV, or MP4. Click on the ” Add Subtitle “, write the text and set the time for the subtitle.

Add Special Effects

With the help of the instructional tools in the software, give your video that real movie effect by adding one or all of these effects readily available in your free video maker:

Creating Fires

Adding a real fire to your video would be very costly and dangerous. Therefore, use the editing tools to create the fire effects. Finally, take your time and make the video more realistic.

Earthquake Effect

Whether it’s an earthquake or a volcano, the video maker has effective techniques you can use to create the effects. Simply, choose the part to which you want to add the effect and select the right one. Make sure it blends in correctly and the illusion is as real as possible.

Video maker has effective techniques for earthquake effect

Gunshot and Bullet Hole Effect

Stage gun battles without real guns, blanks, and bullets. Moreover, with post-production editing techniques, you can add gun muzzle flashes and sounds to your video making it gangster without disturbing anyone or risking any lives.

Hit by A Car

You can re-create this effect without raising your insurance rates. Either use camera angles to imply that someone has been hit or use Photoshop and other editing software together to create the illusion. So, the latter will require time and effort to add realism and detail.

Final Thoughts On Free Video Maker

Having understood the basics of adding special effects into the timeline, the only limit to what you can do with special effects is your imagination and creativity. However, keep previewing your video on the free video maker and edit until it satisfies your goals.

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