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Today, we live in a democratic society. We have equal rights and duties, no matter what our gender, religion, political beliefs, or social status. Caste system is the most controversial topic in our society today. Caste system is widely recognized as one of the best examples of traditional discrimination in the world.

Caste system in India is an issue that often leads to an argument. There are a lot of people who are against the system and want a change in the way it operates. Are you against the system? Well you can start by reading this essay.

The caste system in India is a system of distinguishing between the castes of the people in India, which dates back to ancient times in India and is also practiced in modern India.

In India, castes are called jati, which means that people have been divided into classes since ancient times.

The four classes are Brahmins in these classes mainly high level people live, they are Brahmins after that comes the second class Kshatriya in which all the rulers and warriors come and after that the Vashishtha class in which all the traders and farmers come and the last class which is known as the low caste is Shudras in which all the workers are distributed all the caste system works according to these four classes and people are also judged according to their castes in India.

Origin of the caste system

In past history, people were divided according to their birth class, just as the son of a farmer will be a farmer and will be in the Vashishtha class only, and as their ancestors are in one of the classes, the whole family will be in that class throughout their lives.

These classes are only formed by people who had Aryan rules, because they only spread that person. Because there were many people in those days, the Aryans created a system of varnas to maintain order.

They created this caste system to have control over all the people. This caste system was then followed by present day India and this caste system essentially grew with its nature and developed mainly during the British rule.

These Brits only give work to people who belong to the upper caste. These people are only spreading the caste system among the people because they are making many policies and not providing jobs to lower castes.

But after India’s independence, this caste-based policy of labour reservation was formalised in the form of the list of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. There have been many cases of caste discrimination in India and many articles state that there should be no caste system in India and that discrimination against lower castes has become illegal in India.

India Today

Babasaheb Ambedkar, who fought for the cause of caste discrimination, started giving everything to the lower caste people who fought for Dalits and their place in India.

It is therefore that people from lower castes enjoy the same benefits as people from higher castes. In the education system, people from lower castes and scheduled tribes get many educational opportunities and can take up any job in modern India.

There are many people who are exploiting this caste system in politics and that is the reason why the development of the people has been stopped. To solve this problem, the Indian government pays attention to it and makes all opportunities and things equal for all castes and this has become a great resource for the development of our India as all people are equal.

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