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Google+ Hangouts is a web-based video chat and collaboration platform that allows for real-time communication. It provides an easy way to start a conversation with students in your computer lab or classroom, as well as share files and work on projects online. et’s take a look at three ways to use it during instruction!

Hangouts are a new feature that was released by Google in 2013. It allows users to create a video call with other people and share screens. This article will show you how to create hangouts with your students.

The first option is to

1st, create a hangout On your Google Plus profile, scroll to the bottom left and select “hangout party,” then “create a hangout.”


2- Send out a hangout invite Type in the emails of your pupils or anybody else you wish to join in your hangout in the description box.


3- After receiving the hangout invitation, members must accept it and join in by clicking on the link. Here are some of the things you can do on the main hangout page: A-Conversation To start a group conversation, click ” chat “. On the right hand side of your screen, a tiny box will appear where you may communicate with other players. B- Screen Sharing By selecting “Share screen,” you may share your screen with others. If you’re guiding them through a lesson, this is ideal. Google Effects (C) If you want to have some fun, you may utilize these effects to put on a funny hat or a huge mustache, for example. D- Watch YouTube with your friends. To use this service, click the “YouTube” button, as seen in the image below, and then give it access. All participants will be able to view and watch videos from your play lists. You can also use the search panel at the top of the screen to look for videos.


The second option is to If you’re already signed in to YouTube, you may also access Google Hangout from there. Simply choose “Google Hangouts” from the “Upload” menu, and then follow the steps outlined above. The fact that your hangout is immediately filmed and aired on your YouTube channel is something I appreciate about Google Hangout from YouTube.


The third option is to For those of you who have previously established Google Plus groups for your class, this will work. If you haven’t made one yet and want to, here’s a step-by-step tutorial to get you started. Go to your Google Plus community page and click the “hangout” button, then repeat the procedures from the first method.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can Google Hangouts be used in the classroom?

A: Google Hangouts is a video chat platform that allows users to communicate with one another. This is ideal for the classroom as students can easily ask questions and receive answers from their teacher, or they can watch videos together in this manner. Using google hangouts also helps teachers focus on individual students rather than being distracted by those who are not participating at all times during class time.

How do I add Hangouts to Google Plus?

A: You will need to change your settings in order to add the app.

How do I make Google Hangouts more fun?

A: Google Hangouts is a chat service. It does not have any specific rules or restrictions, so you can do anything in your conversations with people.

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