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Train rides and adventures are a great way to explore the world. If you’re thinking of visiting Europe or maybe just want to get around your own city, take the train! Train travel is easy-to-understand and can be fun for everyone, especially young children who often enjoy looking out windows.

The “essay on a journey by train 100 words” is an essay that discusses the different aspects of travelling by train. It also includes a list of things to do and see while travelling.


a brief introduction

Summer break is about to begin. Due to the severe heat, everyone decided to spend their vacation in the hills. Train travel is always enjoyable. People have always desired to meet their grandparents and travel by train to do so.

The Benefits of Traveling by Train 

It made a long journey more easier.

Almost all trains have sleeping accommodations and restrooms, making long-distance travel by rail a breeze.


Comfort And Space

Short-Essay-On-Train-Journey-For-Students-And-Children-InThe train is one of the finest means of transportation in terms of size and comfort. It offers a lot of seating and even sleeping room that people can’t obtain on buses, automobiles, or flights.

Option that is secure

Trains are regarded to be a safer mode of transportation when compared to buses, automobiles, and aircraft. In comparison to other forms of transportation, train travel over slopes is the safest.

Train Journey Disadvantages 

Essay-on-Train-for-Class-Three-For-Students-in-EasyThe following are some of the drawbacks of using the train:-

Difficulties with Reservations

One of the most challenging jobs is making a train reservation. People must go to train stations and wait in line for a certain number of hours in order to get it.

The Cleanliness Problem

1625962270_530_Short-Essay-On-Train-Journey-For-Students-And-Children-InAlthough many trains include washrooms, they are required to clean them properly, which is a significant positive since they are often neglected.

Option 2: Slower

It is simple to travel a great distance, yet most individuals get bored while doing so.

Having A Good Time While Traveling 

1625963958_475_Essay-On-Winner-Stand-Alone-Alone-For-Students-In-EasyWhen most individuals travel great distances by train, they have a lot of pleasure and excitement. The majority of individuals make new and old acquaintances when traveling by train. They talk amongst themselves and take pleasure in their motions.


They chat throughout dinner time as well, while presenting the meals to one other.


Short-Essay-On-Train-Journey-For-Students-And-Children-InMany amenities, such as washrooms, mirrors, and other amenities, are available to passengers traveling by train. However, on a luxury train, passengers have access to amenities such as a bathroom, a mirror, and automatic opening doors and windows; they have the soul in the cold season; and they may order supper, lunch, and breakfast according to their preferences. Have fresh water drinking amenities as well. It has its own air conditioning chamber.


People are safe on the train or on the luxury train since the train doors are locked. That is, when the station arrives, the doors open, and when the train moves on to the next stop, the doors shut.

In India, there are several train types. 

In each of its states, India has the finest trains.

The following are India’s different trains:

Maharajas Express is a train service operated by the Maharajas 

Essay-On-A-Journey-By-Train-For-Students-In-EasyAmong all the trains in India, it is one of the finest. Many visitors have firsthand knowledge of the country’s diversity. Raja Maharaja is used to traveling by rail.

Rajasthani Royalty On Wells 

1625970327_635_Essay-On-A-Journey-By-Train-For-Students-In-EasyThe Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is one of India’s most luxury trains. It is particularly well-known for providing exceptional comfort.

Chariot of Gold 

It is one of the most luxurious trains available. From October to March, it takes place.

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A journey is a memorable experience. It can be an exciting, exhausting, or even scary one. The “a memorable journey essay 150 words” will help you write about your own experiences on the train.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I enjoy train journey?

A: The train journey is often boring, but it is a good way to stay productive. You can work on your computer or watch movies with headphones and not worry about disturbing people.

What makes a train journey interesting fun and learning experience?

A: Trains offer a unique experience that is both educational and fun for children. Some trains allow you to run along the outside of them, others have tunnels and bridges which you can look out from as they pass by, some train rides contain themes such as forests or castles so your child will be able to learn about different cultures while enjoying themselves!

Do you like to travel long distance by train narrate your own experience?

A: I like to travel long distance by train. Ive never travelled on a plane before, but Im looking forward to that once this semester is over.

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