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Kabaddi is a popular game among Indian students, which was introduced in Pakistan about a decade ago. It is a full contact sport that involves six teams of seven players each. Though it is not as popular as the national sport hockey, it is played in schools, colleges and universities in Pakistan and India. It is a very tough game, which is played on a circular arena resembling a football field.

Kabaddi is the most popular sport in the world, and every Indian, including children, loves this sport. It is played in hundreds of countries in the world, including China, Iran, Bangladesh, Nepal, and many others. The game can be played by two teams of seven players, but it is often played as a singles match between two players. Kabaddi is a game in which the players have to catch the shuttlecock(kabaddi) with their hands, run a certain distance, and then return the shuttlecock to their opponents, who are waiting to catch it. The winner is the first team to score a certain number of points.

Kabaddi is a team sport played by two teams of seven players each. The objective of the game is to score points by catching the shuttlecock and to prevent your opponent from doing so. Kabaddi is a full-contact, 100-meter short-range sport played by two teams of seven players each. The objective of the game is to score points by catching the shuttlecock and to prevent your opponent from doing so.


Kabaddi is my favorite sport, and I like playing it a lot. Every day, my buddy and I play kabaddi on the field we built near our home.

Our sports instructor is also learning to play kabaddi at our school. Our squad won the gold medal in a Kabaddi competition last year. My ambition is to grow up and compete in the Asian Games in the Indian Kabaddi game. I aim to be the greatest kabaddi player in the world.


 About The Team And The Field


To play Kabaddi, a small field is needed, as well as two kabaddi teams. The kabaddi squad consists of 12 players, although only seven of them play, with the other players serving as backups in case one of them gets injured. In kabaddi, each team has 7–7 players. A line of white color is painted in the center of the kabaddi field to denote the trunks of both teams.

All games are thrown like a coin bounce before being played, with the victorious side taking the field first. Playing kabaddi requires a high level of physical energy and agility.

The Way Kabaddi Is Played


In this game, a player from one team travels to the other team’s kabaddi by shouting (saying a word or phrase repeatedly) the word kabaddi, touches the opposing team’s opponents, and attempts to return to his side. If he succeeds, his team receives one point; if he fails, the other team receives one point.

It is just as tough to play the game as it seems. Our blood circulation improves as a result of playing this game, and our health improves as well. This game teaches us how to live a disciplined life. This game fosters a feeling of fraternity, which may explain why it has been played in India since antiquity. Kabaddi is known in India by a variety of names, including “Chadugudu” in South India and “Hu Tu Tu” in Eastern India.


Playing Rules for Kabaddi


A 13-meter-long and 10-meter-wide field is required for kabaddi.

The kabaddi field may be constructed of both dirt and grass.

This game requires two teams, each with seven to seven players.

The time limit for this game is 20 minutes. The side with the most points after 20 minutes is named the winner.

The first toss is played in the same way as the previous games. The side that wins the coin toss goes first.

The player who plays kabaddi must utter kabaddi words while moving to the opposite side of the team; if he forgets or is unable to speak, he is expelled.

Even while the player is on the Kabaddi pitch, the player is deemed dismissed.

The Kabaddi game is divided into two categories: age and weight.

Kabaddi’s History


Kabaddi is mostly played in India and its neighboring nations, but with its inclusion in Asian Games, it has gained popularity in countries such as Japan and Korea.

The Kabaddi game is popular not only in India, but also in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The national sport of Bangladesh is Kabaddi. However, the game of Kabaddi is said to have originated only in India.

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Kabaddi is a traditional Indian game which is played in India and Pakistan. It is a game in which teams of 7 players face each other and there are two different steps to win. So, to get the first step, the players have to be in touch with the center of the field. The second step is that the player has to knock the opponent out of the field by using the shoulder. So, to win the game, a team has to first win the first step and second step. If any player is caught by the shoulder, then the player is out of the play and the team wins the match.. Read more about short essay on kabaddi in punjabi language and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I write paragraph in kabaddi?

You can write a paragraph in kabaddi by using the following format.

What is kabaddi in simple English?

Kabaddi is a popular Indian sport in which two teams try to take the others flag and return it to their own side.

Why Kabaddi is your Favourite game?

It is a game that I have played since childhood and it has been my favourite for many years.

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