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Reservation system in India for students is a way of making sure that the country’s resources are not wasted on those who cannot use them. The system has been around for decades and is still being used today, despite the fact that it was designed to create inequality among different castes, classes, and religions.

The write an essay arguing for or against reservation policy in india is a blog post that discusses the pros and cons of India’s reservation system.



The reservation system in India refers to the process of reserving certain seats in government education systems, institutions, and jobs for some of the classes, such as Schedule tribes, Schedule Castes, and other backward classes, etc. The reservation system refers to the process of reserving certain seats in government education systems, institutions, and jobs for some of the classes, such as Schedule tribes, Schedule Castes, and other backward classes, etc.

Special Provisions for the Advancement of Socially Disadvantaged Groups

Essay-On-Reservation-System-In-India-For-Students-In-EasyArticle 15(4) makes specific measures for the advancement of the backward classes. It is an exemption for it under clauses 1 and 2 of article 15, and it was introduced to the constitution of the 1st Amendment Act of 1951.


As a result, the state of Madras v. Champakam Dorairajan judgment was reached. In this instance, the government of Madras has reserved seats in state medical and engineering schools for certain communications, according to varied proportions based on religion, race, caste, and other factors.

The state defended the legislation on the basis that it was adopted, as required by Article 46 of the Directive Principles of State Policy, in order to promote social fairness for all parts of the population.

1625965114_368_Essay-On-Reservation-System-In-India-For-Students-In-EasyThe Supreme Court declared this legislation invalid since it classified pupils based on their caste and religion, regardless of their academic performance.


The Constitution (1st amendment) Act of 1951 modified Article 15 to change the consequences of judgments. The state is authorized under this section to establish measures for the development of any social or economically disadvantaged groups of people, including the SC (scheduled castes) and ST (scheduled tribes).

After the amendment, the state was able to establish a Harijan colony in order to promote the interests of the backward classes.

Article 169(4) of the Constitution provides for the reservation of backward classes in public employment.

Essay-On-Stop-Child-Labor-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsArticle 16 (4) is a second exception to the general norm enshrined in Articles 16(1) and (2). It authorizes to create specific provisions for reservations in the positions appointments of any backward classes’ favor of every citizen, which are a reservation under the state views are not properly represented in the services.


Due to the caste system’s widespread dominance in Hindu cultures, the quota system in India was established to elevate some castes who were subjected to atrocities, economic backwardness, and social exclusion.

It is critical to preserve the reservation system’s concept, as well as the real and imagined backward classes who are denied access to school and employment prospects.

To claim on the profit stairwells, the reservation system should not be used as a ladder, nor should it be used for money or other connected interests for those who are considered backward.

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The reservation positive and negative aspects is a topic that has been discussed for a while. This essay will discuss the positives and negatives of reservation system in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is reservation in India in simple words?

In India, a reservation is a system of positive discrimination by which members of socially disadvantaged groups are given preferential treatment in employment and education.

What is the reservation system in India?

The reservation system in India is a system of affirmative action for socially and economically disadvantaged people.

What is reservation system in easy language?

The reservation system is a way of telling people that you want to use a specific room for a certain amount of time.

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