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To develop tolerance against the difficulties in life, we need to understand about the causes of stress and harassment. We also need to know how to fight against creeps and bullies. Help guide to the next stage of life to the most suitable path and never lose your way. Are you ready to face the challenges of life? We offer to write essay on tolerance for students in easy words.

But for the most part, these days, people have been educated, or at least have been taught to think, that certain people have certain rights that should be given and that some groups of people are treated unfairly. And, if you know anything, you know that tolerance is a thing that is not tolerated. But, tolerance is an important thing in this country, or at least, it is, for a reason. When we study and learn things, the main thing we learn is about tolerance, and its many different forms, even though it is a concept that is not too often mentioned in the real world.


In recent years, tolerance and intolerance have been debated in India. In today’s essay, we will learn what tolerance is and try to briefly understand its definition and meaning.

What does tolerance mean?

Tolerance literally means tolerance of different behaviour and different opinions. Tolerance is a sense of coexistence. Tolerance in the positive sense means accepting and respecting the existence of those thoughts, views, religions, etc. even if their views, opinions, religion differ from yours.

The greatest irony of man today is the constant belittling of bigotry. It is said that he who can endure, knows how to live.

If there is no tolerance, the virtues are irrelevant. Loss of control over small things due to wrong thinking leads to arguments, quarrels, divorces, suicides, etc.

Tolerating opponents

Tolerance in the negative sense simply means the ability to tolerate opponents. Today we use its positive meaning, which means respect for the opinion of opponents.

Be able to listen to them, understand them and accept them if their point of view is logical and correct.

Tolerance is not a weakness

Many people interpret the meaning of tolerance as a weakness. We’ll say it’s their fault. Many tend to react to brick with brick. It doesn’t stop the quarrels or disputes, it strengthens them.

The prosecution begins. The tension rises, the fever and the anger sets in. But only tolerance can relax and normalize the atmosphere.

Learning tolerance from women

Indian women in particular are a unique example of tolerance. Their sacrifice, their service, their kindness and their devoted family spirit are only possible because of their tolerance.

They endure everything, these women do not let their families suffer and let them live a happy life. In many cases, they provide for half of their needs and support their spouse, children and the entire family.

In case of illness or other problems, women continue to work. It is a unique example of tolerance.

Teaching children tolerance

If we want to raise our children with character and tolerance, they too must learn that tolerance is a strength, not a weakness. This instills kindness and tolerance in children from an early age.

If all children are taught better values from an early age, they can become better people in life.

Tolerance is necessary to become a good person

Tolerance is also one of the necessary elements of a good personality. The words of the elderly, the speech of ignorant children or the words of the mentally challenged are not helpful, patience is needed.

A tolerant person maintains peace and harmony in their environment. Such people do not support people of any character.


It is also said that the first teacher of children is the mother.  A mother’s personality has both positive and negative effects on her children. If the mother teaches her children qualities like tolerance and caring, the child will behave accordingly and set a better example for society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tolerance for kids?

A tolerance is the amount of a drug that can be taken before it starts to have an effect.

What is the importance of tolerance?

Tolerance is the ability to accept or tolerate something that one does not necessarily agree with.

What is tolerance in a paragraph?

Tolerance is the ability to accept or tolerate something that may be disagreeable, unpleasant, or even offensive.


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