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If you’re looking for a community of like-minded book lovers, these ten communities are the best places to start.

The book lovers group is a community for people who enjoy reading and discussing books. This article will provide 10 excellent communities to join.

The websites listed below are excellent for individuals seeking for book recommendations, reviews of what others have read, discussing intriguing titles with others, and getting to know and meet other bookish people.

1- Worthwhile Reading


My favorite book community is this one. I use it to share the books I’ve read and to keep track of the novels my friends have read. You may also rate and review books, making it a fantastic forum for book enthusiasts. 2- Book Club on the Internet


This is a book community that provides book reviews and suggestions to individuals who like reading. We also offer a lot of interactive book discussions and polls. This book club provides information and conversations about both classic and new publications, both in print and in the relatively new eBook format (electronic book). Good luck with your reading! 3- It’s A Library Thing


LibraryThing is an online service that allows users to effortlessly categorize their books. You may access your catalog from any device, even your smartphone. LibraryThing links individuals who have the same books, makes recommendations for what to read next, and so on since everyone catalogs together. 4- There is nothing tying you down.


Nothing Binding, the Globe’s Leading Global Social Networking Site for Writers, Authors, Readers, and Book Buyers, brings these communities together from all over the world. When you join, you’ll be able to market your books, network with other writers and authors, as well as eager readers and book purchasers, and find fresh talent. There are no expenses, fees, or charges. 5- Readers’ Corner


This is a network of online book clubs! Use a variety of features to interact with book clubs and authors: You may create your own book club profile, rate and review your favorite novels, and upload photos and videos from your reading group meetings. 6) The Red Room


Red Room is a community built on the belief that writing has the power to change people and even whole societies—whether you’re a writer or a reader, you’re a part of something extraordinary. It’s a platform designed for the future of publishing, a community where you can find a home, make friends, and participate in the marketplace. Wattpad is number seven.


Wattpad is the biggest community for finding and sharing stories in the globe. It’s a new kind of entertainment that uses narrative to link readers and authors, and it’s completely free. Authors’ Den (#8)


By sharing their bio, books, blogs, events, tales, essays, poems, newsletters, videos, and links to other websites, authors may reach a large number of people. Readers may explore, engage, track, and delight themselves! Shelfari (nine)


Shelfari connects readers to a worldwide community of book enthusiasts and invites them to share their literary interests and hobbies with their peers, acquaintances, and complete strangers (for now). Shelfari is a social network for writers, aspiring authors, publishers, and readers, featuring a variety of tools and features to enable them interact in a fun and engaging manner. tenth booktagger


On the internet, each Booktagger profile is a graphical depiction of your actual bookshelf. The bookshelf may then be shared with friends, family, and anybody else looking for a good book. 

reading communities is a blog post that lists 10 online communities for book lovers.

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