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The students of today are expected to learn and perform exceptionally, all while staying on top of their studies. The people who make this possible are the teachers, whose jobs are often filled with long hours and high stress. Teachers are a vital part of society, and without them, the world would be a very different place.

If you’re a new or experienced student, you’ve probably already thought about your best means of getting yourself in the mood for the big day. However, there’s probably been another issue which you’ve struggled with. It can be hard to come up with a good story to write for your essay, and even harder to be sure that you’ve got it right!

Happy Birthday! Here is a list of easy words and phrases for you to write about your birthday celebration, such as you or mom, or grandmother.. Read more about birthday wishes essay in english and let us know what you think.


A person’s birthday only occurs once a year. Every year, we have a birthday celebration. What is the significance of a birthday? When we are born, we have a special day called our birthday.

Everyone has a distinct birthday, yet some people share the same birthday. Our birthday is a really important occasion for us.


We have been celebrating our birthdays since we were children. It is a day when our parents, friends, and those close to us honor our wishes.

They fulfill all of our requests on that day because they want us to be happy and enjoy every minute.

They look after us at all times of the day in order to keep the birthday boy or girl happy.

Celebration of Birthdays


For everyone of us, our birthday is a very special day. Everyone celebrates their birthday in their own unique manner; some like to spend it with their family by going out to dinner or lunch, while others prefer to spend it with their friends by going out and having parties. On their birthday celebrations, some of them do a fantastic job.

They spend time with the elderly and children at nursing homes and orphanages. They join them in celebrating their birthday.

They also attempt to transmit happiness to others who do not have access to it in their daily lives. Spending time with such individuals brings them a lot of joy.

They offer us blessings by spending time and pleasure with us, and their blessings will be extremely helpful to us in the future.

What We Do On Our Birthdays



On their birthdays, some individuals wake up early in the morning and go to the temple to seek God’s blessings. Taking God’s gifts is very beneficial to them in the future.

After asking God’s blessing, we should seek blessings from our parents, as their blessings for us will be of tremendous assistance in the future.

We feel special on our birthday when things happen according to our wishes; we cherish every minute of our birthday and choose to be joyful throughout the day since it is our birthday.

It’s an incredible sensation for us. We throw parties for our pals on our birthdays.

For a birthday party, we invite a large number of relatives and siblings to our house. Our parents throw a fantastic celebration, bringing plenty of goodies, and then we cut the cake and celebrate our birthday.

 Birthday Celebrations


Our birthday celebration attracts a large crowd. We had a birthday celebration. We happily give sweets and cake due to the large number of individuals there.

While many family members and friends attend our birthday celebrations, they bring presents for us, and we get many gifts on our special day. We are extremely excited to find out what our presents are once the birthday celebration is finished.

We hurry to open the presents and see all of the various items we’ve received, and we’re happy than we’ve ever been.

Finally, we pass on that day extremely pleased and enjoying ourselves, and it is a special day for us all year.

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Every day, thousands of students around the world are celebrating their birthdays. Many of them are engrossed in the joy of being their age, while others know that days like this are a blessing that should be cherished by every child.. Read more about funny birthday wishes paragraph and let us know what you think.

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