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The need for a mandatory criminal punishment is the most essential thing in the society. If a person does an act against the society; that person must be punished as per the law of the land and for that the person has to be punished according to the law. In this society there is no place for a criminal and that is why they have to face capital punishment.

The death penalty, also known as capital punishment, is the practice of putting a person to death for the brutal act of murder. The death penalty was first introduced in the 19th century in the form of hanging.

The death penalty is a punishment, presumptively called the death penalty, authorized and imposed by the government on a person who has committed a serious crime.

The death penalty is imposed on persons who have committed a crime and is imposed by the state.

The punishment for which a person is punished is called a death sentence. The execution of the judgment is called enforcement.

Crimes punishable by death are called capital crimes or crimes punishable by death, such as. B. Murder, treason or crimes against humanity.

The word capital comes from the Latin word caput or head. Of all countries, only 56 have retained the punishment and 103 have abolished it, including six for common crimes.


As for the death penalty, the execution of criminals was practiced in almost all societies.

But since the nineteenth century, without the development of the prison system, there has often been no effective alternative to deter criminals.

The head of execution imposes the punishment of torture by cruel methods, such as breaking the wheel.

In ancient times, the death penalty was part of the legal system.

Once a crime is committed, people apologize or start killing people themselves.

Therefore, to prevent people from killing each other, the system of capital punishment was introduced as a punishment. The death penalty is used in many countries, including Europe.

In Europe, when modern prisons had not yet been developed, this punishment was used.

Many criminals in Europe were executed by this punishment, about 70,000 people were executed by this death penalty.

The death penalty in the 20th century

In this 20. In Germany in the 19th century, punishments such as death by hanging, decapitation or shooting were used. They put a bullet in the neck or head of the criminals.

Even in modern times, the death penalty is used primarily to enforce military discipline.

There were also many punishments in the past, such as the burning at the stake for criminals, and other punishments imposed for the death of criminals.

Even today, the death penalty is mainly used in European countries and oceanic countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada have abolished the death penalty.

Some Asian countries, such as Japan and India, have retained the death penalty.

The Republic of South Africa abolished the death penalty in 1995. Moreover, many countries, such as Norway, reject the death penalty.

Since 2010, the death penalty has been increasingly imposed for rape crimes in India, with the government taking the lead in imposing the death penalty on such offenders.

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