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Our pets are our faithful companions and we care for them as if they were our children. But one thing which we are not doing for our pets is to properly dispose of their waste. When we do not properly dispose of their waste, it may come in contact with water and other pollutants and this will cause serious health consequences for our pets such as diarrhea, intestinal disorders, etc.

Inappropriate littering in public places is seen by many people as a nuisance and a major problem. There are even countries where littering is prohibited by law. Littering can cause a lot of problems not only for the environment but also for the people. Littering can cause landslides, it can clog drains, and it can be dangerous for pedestrians and motorists.

There has been a lot of media focus on the littering of plastic, paper, and other waste produced by corporations, governments, and individuals alike.  Littering is a problem that is not only an environmental concern but also a social one.  Littering is an offense that can lead to jail time and fines and it is often associated with criminal behavior.  There are many laws in place to curb littering behavior.


Littering: Problems, Causes, and Solutions


Many individuals have the terrible habit of throwing trash on the street; they maintain their homes nice and spotless, but the trash from their homes is strewn everywhere.


People dump garbage that they carry from their homes in public areas such as gardens and sidewalks.

Many individuals often toss garbage while driving on the road.

Household appliances, such as rubbers, electrical appliances, batteries, and a variety of other items, may be very dangerous.

Many individuals have the terrible habit of splitting anyplace, such as in the stairwell of a building or at a train station, by eating pan, gutka, and cigarettes, which is harmful to people’s health.

Littering’s Causes


In terms of cleanliness, our nation, India, lags below the majority of countries across the globe.

A pervasive social affliction

It is not true that only the impoverished litter in public areas; dogs belonging to the upper class also do so. If trash is distributed in public areas, there are now severe regulations and penalties.

It is necessary to properly dispose of trash, which should be divided into wet and dry categories. Waste from buildings, chemical businesses, and other enterprises that are responsible for spreading additional rubbish in them should be properly disposed of.

Some individuals dispose of their trash in their own neighborhoods.

Inability to Assume Responsibilities

Contaminated water, trash, and dog dirt are taken from the home and dumped on the street, road, or park.


People think that trash disposal is the government’s and administration’s duty. But it should also be our duty when it comes to the government.

They are not responsible for keeping the environment, the road, the park, or the street clean, nor for the trash or filth that is thrown out of the home.

Cleanliness Isn’t Being Maintained


Our government is also taking a stance on issues of cleanliness, such as the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, since our nation is dirtier than any other in the world.

There is no other nation in the world that requires such a campaign since they retain their own responsibilities.

Because our nation is the world’s most densely inhabited country. Even if some individuals toss garbage, they notice the trash can. As a result, our people’s laziness.

Litter Removal Methods

Littering is a crime in other nations, but not in India.

It is the duty of citizens to keep specific areas surrounding their houses clean. In China, there used to be a trend of spitting everywhere. However, it has been limited today.

Trash bins are not maintained in most public locations in the nation, and when they are kept, they are not cleaned for many days, causing the garbage bin to stink. With this case, the whole area is covered in dirt.

People have no remorse or guilt in making the environment filthy by spitting or spreading trash. The lack of a strong legislation punishing people who litter has hampered the country’s cleanliness.

Because littering here and there may be hazardous to our health, please dispose of garbage appropriately and place all litter in the correct trash can. Make India clean by overcoming your mental laziness.

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