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In my opinion, Virat Kohli is an amazing cricketer who has brought India to a new height of glory. His passion, hard work, dedication and humility with a positive attitude is truly commendable. I admire this man a lot. He is not just a player but a role model who deserves all the respect.

In this essay I will share an interesting fact about one of the best cricketers of our time, Virat Kohli. I am a fan of him and I’ve been following him since the early days of his career. He was my childhood hero and the only reason I am a fan of cricket. I have followed his performance on international and domestic cricket in India, and I can’t stop loving him. He is a great man, and  he is the only reason why I am a fan of cricket.

I think I know how Virat Kohli feels as he is the most romantic cricketer ever. He is an excellent batsman and cricketer. He always plays with his heart. And his attitude towards the game is amazing.


Virat Kohli is my favorite cricketer. He is one of the most famous people I have ever seen. He began playing cricket at a young age and has been a regular member of the Indian squad. The majority of people have no idea how much hardship and suffering this guy has gone through to get to where he is today.

Mr. Virat Kohli, a cricketer who earned the ICC Player of the Year title in 2012. He is also the recipient of the Padma Shri and Arjuna awards. There are now just a handful players on the Indian cricket squad who have won such accolades.


It was a gratifying moment for all of us to have such a gentleman on our Indian cricket team, who also happens to be the captain. How ever, as a brilliant team leader, he has always assisted the Indian cricket team in achieving their goals without difficulty.

People are born every day, every second, but legends are born just once in a lifetime, on the fifth of November 1988 in Delhi.

He had a strong desire to play cricket when he was a kid. He began playing cricket at the age of three, and his commitment and hard work in achieving his objective kept him striving for a long-term goal.


This is not something you see every day. Virat Kohli, the legend, was one of the best players in Indian cricket’s under-15 and under-17 teams. In 2006, he also played for India in the under-19 World Cup against England.

In 2008, he was named captain of the under-19 ICC World Cup, the same year he was chosen for the Indian cricket team, and as we all know, he has consistently shown how much he has contributed to the Indian cricket team as a player.

When it comes to Mr Virat Kohli’s scoring rates, he has already surpassed 28 hundreds in one-day cricket and 17 centuries in test cricket. He has already won Man of the Match 24 times and is the quickest batter to reach 1000 international runs.

Many cricket fans believe him to be second only to Mr Sachin Tendulkar, who is renowned as the God of the game. It is said that if anybody can carry Sachin’s legacy forward after him, it is Mr. Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli has participated in three world cups for the Indian cricket team. He played under the age of 19 and then for the Indian cricket team in two key world cups.

Under the leadership of Mr. MS Dhoni, India won one of the World Cup matches. The squad just missed the final World Cup games, but it was a fantastic game; if you watch the matches, you will see how well they performed and made us proud.


I am a big cricket fan and I always read my cricket news everyday and I am really a big fan of Virat Kohli because he has got huge talent, he is a heart of heart and he is a cricketer who is very cool. I like his attitude and also his cricket skill batting. He is a very strong batsman and he has got very good technique and he is a very good captain and he is very popular among the people of India.. Read more about my favourite sportsman sachin tendulkar essay in english and let us know what you think.

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