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Earthquake is the most dangerous natural disaster. It affects life, property and environment in a sudden way causing death, destruction and devastation to those caught up in its path. Been there done that? Read this short essay on earthquake for kids or students who are new to it!

An earthquake is a sudden, violent shaking of the ground that lasts for a few seconds. Earthquakes cause damage because they release energy in the form of motion and sound. Earthquakes can be very dangerous when there are many people in an area or near buildings that could fall down. Read more in detail here: short paragraph on earthquake.



Earthquake is a natural disaster that occurs for a variety of reasons, but it has a dangerous impact on the area’s infrastructure as well as the economy, as earthquakes result in the loss and breakdown of various items, and many people die as a result of being pressed down by the walls of a building or anything else.

When an earthquake strikes, people’s lives are turned upside down, and those who live in good houses lose their homes, and some people die under their own roofs. Those who survive don’t have enough money to leave, and they are also injured a little because there is no safe place to go when an earthquake strikes.


During an earthquake, not only are lives lost, but the economy of the area suffers greatly since the area is completely devastated and nothing can be done.

It also requires time and money to rebuild the whole city, and it takes a long time when it is an expensive procedure since the town is rebuilt from the ground up.



An earthquake may occur for a variety of causes, but the most common cause is the movement of tectonic plates.

The tectonic plates are the pieces of earth’s surface plates that are floating on the earth’s core, but due to a problem, they begin to move away from each other and slide over each other, causing an earthquake in which the entire land is shaken and has a very strong shockwave as each click slides over the next.


Another frequent cause is related to volcanic activity, as during a volcanic eruption, magma flows out of the earthquake with a force and forms a fault line in the subsurface, causing a disturbance and causing tectonic plates to shift, resulting in an earthquake.

Sometimes earthquakes occur as a result of human operations like as mining and the building of different subterranean structures, which cause a shockwave, sometimes known as a sesame quiz, which causes an earthquake.



There is a negative impact on the lives of those who live in earthquake-prone areas, since there is significant damage and loss of human life following the earthquake because numerous objects fall on them.

The infrastructure of that location has been completely disrupted and destroyed as a result of the earthquake, and as a result, there is no proper functioning of that location following the earthquake, as the transportation system has been damaged by the destruction of roads, and various business factories have been destroyed.

After an earthquake, it is extremely difficult to reach the people who are being affected by the quake because there is no need for basic necessities such as food and water for the people who have arrived at the earthquake because there is no transportation system that can transport food and water to them.

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The “causes of earthquake essay” is a short essay on the causes of earthquakes. It will help students and children understand how an earthquake happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is earthquake short essay?

A: An earthquake is the sudden release of energy in the Earths crust that creates seismic waves. The waves cause movement at or near their source, typically a major tectonic fracture or fault line where two tectonic plates meet. Earthquakes can range from barely noticeable to devastatingly powerful.

What is earthquake in your own words?

A: An earthquake is a seismic event caused by the sudden release of energy stored in the Earths crust. The explosion causes vibrations which can emit up to several meters of displacement and it releases heat that warms the surrounding areas.

What is an earthquake in 100 words?


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