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With the rapid growth of alternative forms of education such as homeschooling and online courses, educational websites have become an important resource for teachers. Whether you’re new to teaching, or looking for fresh ideas on how to teach your students in new ways, this list will help you find what’s best for your classroom..

The “teacher website examples” is a comprehensive list of educational web resources for teachers. The list includes websites that are free, sites that cost money, and sites with both free and paid options.

2nd of April, 2014 The internet is brimming with information, and as a busy teacher, you may find it difficult to get online and begin sorting through this deluge of data in order to discover appropriate digital tools to utilize with your pupils. It’s a time- and energy-intensive job, which is why I decided to create as comprehensive a list as possible to make it easier for instructors to find online resources relevant to the subject matter they teach. I went through my archives and pulled all of the websites I’ve previously evaluated and organized them into various categories. Take a peek and pass it on to your coworkers:


Science Teachers’ Web Resources

Mathematical Resources on the Internet

Social Studies Teachers’ Web Resources

Art Teachers’ Web Resources

Resources for Lesson Plans

Kids’ Web Resources

Music Teachers’ Web Resources

Science Teachers’ Web Resources



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The “free resources for teachers” is a list of educational web resources that are available to teachers. It includes websites, blogs, and podcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some online sources for teachers?

A: There are a variety of online resources that can be used by teachers to help them find quality and reliable information on their topics. The first resource would be the Internet, and then there is also Google Scholar which often has citations from scientific journals as well as academic databases.

What are some resources such as websites that educators can use to write a curriculum plan?


What are great websites for teachers?

A: I am not a teacher.

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