Essay On Disadvantages Of Internet For Students & Children In Simple English

The internet has the ability to be an educational tool that helps people learn new skills, share ideas and connect. However, it can also cause issues in children’s lives if they are not careful about what sites their children visit on a daily basis.

The “10 disadvantages of internet” is a list of things that can happen when you use the internet. The essay will explain 10 different disadvantages that children and students may face when using the internet.




Individuals’s lives have grown more fascinating and contemporary as a result of the internet, which is a new technology that allows others to communicate and share information with people who are far away, such as family and friends, making life much more pleasant and convenient for them.


Many topics may be researched on the internet in terms of its usefulness and bad effects on individuals and little pupils. However, the only issue is that the internet can only be used by educated people; however, there is no reason why only literate people should be able to gain knowledge; illiterate people can also gain knowledge if they are interested because this is simple to understand, as the internet provides many services to the public, and the internet is very advanced in its work and service. People claim that the internet has numerous drawbacks, but we should use it for legitimate purposes rather than for illegal ones.

Internet disadvantages



With the benefits of the internet come the drawbacks and bad effects of the internet; but, if we utilize it properly, there will be no drawbacks. However, some individuals make inappropriate use of the internet. There are a lot of hackers out there that utilize their skills to steal people’s personal information and then blackmail them.

Now that we use the internet in every manner while sitting at home, we only use it to buy or sell products, and we only use it to pay for them. This makes it extremely easy for hackers to steal bank information, and we can’t manage our computers or phones since they are only supported by them.

Today’s children do not play outdoor games; instead, they sit at home and spend the majority of their time on their phones, playing games and scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. This makes the children physically and mentally weak, and it is very dangerous for them. Parents who want their children to engage in physical activity should take care of this.

People nowadays do not communicate with each other face to face, instead relying on social media to speak and make friends with people they do not know. They converse and build friendships with them, and they trust them in some cases, while others deceive them, resulting in a slew of issues.

Nowadays, individuals prefer to spend their time on the internet rather than meeting up with friends and conversing in chat rooms. Children should not be allowed to use social media since it will create a slew of issues because the internet is global.


The “advantages and disadvantages of internet essay” is a piece of writing that discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the disadvantages of internet for students?

A: The disadvantages of internet for students is that it does not allow them to focus on their schoolwork and limits productivity. They are constantly distracted by social media, email, and other various online distractions which can be a huge detriment to academic success.

What are the disadvantages of Internet essay?

A: There are many disadvantages associated with the Internet essay. The main disadvantage is that theres a reduced emphasis on conciseness and clarity of thought, which can be very beneficial in some fields such as science or medicine. Another drawback is that overusing these services can result in thoughts being lost due to spamming and other means, leading to their words becoming repetitive.

What is the disadvantages of the Internet?

A: The internet is a great tool that can be used for many things, but it has its disadvantages too. Like any other technology, the internet has both benefits and consequences. But mostly what makes this disadvantage unique is how fast it evolves with time which leads to more problems on the horizon as people use new technologies faster than they are able to make them safe or regulate against their usage.

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