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With more people moving into cities and our world becoming crowded, wildlife conservation is a major concern that has led to the establishment of zoos. The animals in these places are not able to do their natural behaviors because they have been taken from their habitats and placed into captivity where they cannot thrive. An essay on how we can conserve our native species by taking action now

The “conservation of wildlife essay 150 words” is a short essay on the importance of conservation. It is meant for students and children in schools, so it is written in simple English.


Wildlife conservation is done to preserve wild animals and numerous species, as well as their habitats, since wild animals and wildlife play an essential part in the balancing of the ecosystem, which maintains the stability of many natural processes.

The goal of wildlife conservation is to conserve wild animals in the future, and because many animals are becoming depleted as a result of human hunting, governments in many countries are implementing wildlife conservation systems for their protection and to increase the number of species of animals.


This species has been preserved to guarantee the future significance of animals and the outdoors for people.

There are numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government agencies devoted to wildlife conservation that operate as nonprofit organizations to promote wildlife conservation issues.

Wildlife’s Importance in Nature


There are many negative human activities that are being done on wild animals, and as a result, the extent of the animal species and their population has been declining. There are many species of animals that are in danger, and they are also being depleted, with none of their species remaining in the world, and as a result, these animals are slowly becoming depleted.

Climate change, such as global warming caused by human pollution, is harming animals because it causes more hot days, which means there is no rain and no water left, and there are more severe droughts, which means there is no water and food for the animals, causing them to starve for days and eventually die.


Wildlife maintains the natural equilibrium; when it is depleted, the natural balance is disrupted, and the ecosystem suffers as a result.

Is there an issue in the environmental chain where the environment is harmed and it is very damaging to humans and other living things? Animals do not have a home, and as a result, they are subjected to a variety of climatic changes, natural catastrophes, and other factors. As a result, some animals are not protected, and they die. As a result, the government has established a number of sanctuaries for the protection of animals.

Wildlife Preservation


Many hunting and poaching incidents have been reported in recent years, and as a result, many species of animals have been lost as people kill every beautiful animal they see for pleasure, but this fun is causing the species of animals to go extinct.

Many species of rhinos, elephants, and other animals are in danger as a result of hunting, and they are being depleted. In the recent year, there was a case of the death of the last White male Rhino, and there is no rhino left in the world as their species is being depleted, so governments of all countries should protect the animals from all of these things and take measures to protect the animals.

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The “importance of wildlife conservation” is a topic that has been discussed since the beginning of time. It’s something that we all should be aware of and take action on, as well as teach our children about.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we conserve our wildlife?

A: In order to conserve our wildlife, we need to be aware of the laws and regulations that can help us keep wild animals. Environmental law might also protect certain species from being hunted or endangered by humans.

How can you as a student contribute to conservation of wildlife?

A: Students have the power to do a lot in regards to conservation of wildlife, for example they can go on trips and learn about different ecosystems which could be very helpful. They can also donate their spare change or old electronics that could be used by people who need them more than you because students only have so much space in their dorms/apartments.

What is the importance of conservation of wildlife?

A: The importance of conservation is to preserve the natural environment that supports human life.

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